January 2023

January 2023

Hello Sad Babes!

Happy New Year :)

I am busy getting restocked for my grand re-opening of 2023. I have been making new sticker packs and earrings and sewing a bunch of new headbands and washable face wipes for the shop and for my local sublease spaces. I am so excited about all the fun things coming this year.

One of the biggest changes happening in the shop currently is my Garage Studio! As a lot of you know I was doing an internship with my Screen printer and he has now retired so I will be printing all the new tees on my own. I still have a lot to learn so it will be awhile before new tees come to the shop, and I'll update you guys when that happens. For now all the tees available will be stock I printed with my mentor in 2022, so its all the exact same quality and style as before. 

I plan to experiment with new kinds of ink (water based and puff print) and well as doing one off tees/sweaters on flannels and vests etc. I want to bring some individuality to the shop now that I have some creative printing freedom. 

I will try to document it all on social media whenever possible. I am on IG and TikTok under THE SADBABESCLUB 

I really appreciate you all so much!!!! 

<3 Robyn

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